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سومین سمپوزیوم مخابرات بی سیم نوری و موج میلیمتری غرب آسیا
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1 Evaluation of Fog Effects on Optical Camera Communications Link Get XML Data 63 Time(s)
2 Synthesis of Nano-Antennas for desired Far-Field Radiation Patterns Using Vector Spherical Wave Functions Get XML Data 61 Time(s)
3 Analyzing interface bonding schemes for VLC with mobility and shadowing Get XML Data 52 Time(s)
4 Investigation of a WDM M-QAM RoF-RoFSO System Get XML Data 47 Time(s)
5 Analysis of Downlink Satellite Free Space Optical Communication Using State-Space Method for Semiconductor Laser Diode Rate Equations Get XML Data 53 Time(s)
6 One-way Propagation of Light In a Dispersive Photonic Topological Insulator Waveguide Get XML Data 51 Time(s)
7 64-QAM LTE signal transmission at 25 GHz over hybrid SSMF and non-uniform turbulent FSO channel Get XML Data 55 Time(s)
8 Performance Investigation of OCC-based Vehicle to Vehicle Communications Get XML Data 21 Time(s)
9 Outage Probability Improvement Through Optimal LED Placement for Visible Light Communications Get XML Data 20 Time(s)
10 Achieved Throughput of Hovering UAV-Based Optical Wireless Communications Get XML Data 22 Time(s)
11 Performance Analysis of Turbo Code Concatenated with STBC Over Land Mobile Satellite Communication Channels Get XML Data 25 Time(s)
12 Design and Fabrication of Microwave Circulators Based on Ferromagnetic Nanowires Get XML Data 19 Time(s)
13 Optimal SCL decoding algorithm for Polar Codes in extremely attenuated optical wireless channel Get XML Data 26 Time(s)
14 Performance Evaluation of a MIMO VLC System Employing Single Carrier Modulation with Frequency Domain Equalization Get XML Data 22 Time(s)
15 A Parametric Study on Gauss-Newton Iterations for Wireless Sensor Network Localization Get XML Data 20 Time(s)
16 Neuron-like Signal Propagation for OWC Nanonetworks Get XML Data 20 Time(s)
17 MSM 2D Ruddlesden Popper perovskite photodetector suitable for visible light communication Get XML Data 22 Time(s)
18 An Energy Efficient Demodulation Scheme for Dual Ring Star QAM Constellations Get XML Data 19 Time(s)
19 Performance Evaluation of Polar Channel Coding on a Practical VLC Link: A Comparison Study Get XML Data 19 Time(s)
20 Dual-band Near-Perfect Absorption by Graphene-Coated Core-Shell Spherical Nanoparticles Get XML Data 23 Time(s)
22 Implementation and Evaluation of a 10 Gbps Real-time FSO Link Get XML Data 21 Time(s)
23 Free Space Beam Shaping Using phase-change Reconfigurable metasurfaces Get XML Data 20 Time(s)
24 Efficient LED Light Converter based on Perovskite Nanocrystals for Visible Light Communication Get XML Data 23 Time(s)
25 Tapered Plasmonic Waveguide for Terahertz Interconnects: an FDTD Method Get XML Data 19 Time(s)
26 Comparative Analysis of Successive Cancellation and List Decoders Using Distinct Combinations of LLRs for Polar Codes Get XML Data 19 Time(s)
27 On N-PAM and M-QAM implementation within the hybrid RoF-FSO-PON system Get XML Data 23 Time(s)
28 Different models of the refractive index structure constant calculation Get XML Data 19 Time(s)
29 Adaptive Equalization for Visible Light Communications with Power over Ethernet Backhaul Get XML Data 20 Time(s)
30 A Hybrid Variable m-CAP-Based Indoor Visible Light Communications and Fingerprint Positioning System Get XML Data 22 Time(s)
31 Bandwidth Dependency of (O)LEDs on Bias current Get XML Data 20 Time(s)
32 A Deep Learning based Detector for FSO System Considering Imperfect CSI Scenario Get XML Data 24 Time(s)
33 Free space optical (FSO) channel estimation and tracking using the incremental adaptive networks Get XML Data 23 Time(s)
34 Investigation of the Impact of Number of LEDs on An OCC Based Indoor Positioning System Get XML Data 20 Time(s)
35 Design and analysis of asymmetric graphene-coated nanowire pair for second harmonic generation Get XML Data 19 Time(s)
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